Hitting The Essence In Three Words (Tsik Sum Né Dek)

September 3, 2023

The final testament by Garab Dorje, the first human master of Dzogchen.

At the time of his parinirvana, Garab Dorje ascended into the sky and dissolved into rainbow light. At this, Mañjushrimitra cried out in despair and distress, and made a very beautiful plea: “What will become of us now that you are passing away? You are the light of the world…”

Whereupon Garab Dorje was moved, and his hand reappeared, in which was a small golden casket, the size of a thumbnail, containing the teaching of the Hitting The Essence In Three Words, which he let fall into the hand of Mañjushrimitra. As soon as he received it, his mind became the same as the wisdom mind of his master Garab Dorje.

Tulku Sherdor expounds in this course the teachings of Garab Dorje, specifically emphasizing the "Hitting The Essence In Three Words". These three words, which encapsulate the essence of Dzogchen teachings, are considered fundamental instructions for recognizing one's own nature and the nature of reality. Garab Dorje's teachings on these three words are profound yet concise, aimed at swiftly guiding practitioners to a direct experience of their true nature, beyond conceptual understanding.

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