Search For The Truth

November 24, 2023

As Buddhist practitioners, we accept that our experience must be understood both intuitively and through reasoning and discriminating intelligence (prajna).

The hallmarks of the Buddha’s dharma (statements of truth) are that all knowable phenomena are impermanent, lack independent identity, and are sources of suffering if misapprehended as permanent and independently existing. The scientific perspective is fully in accord with this view.

In the pandemic and post-pandemic environment, Tulku Sherdor has been dismayed to find that many nominal Buddhists have fallen back on non- and anti-scientific beliefs, rhetoric, and rigid ideology with regard to many challenging social issues. The search for truth has been lost.

Recently, he has been writing and speaking on this topic to remind us how to apply the Buddha’s teachings to the most challenging issues of our day. In this course you will find topical readings from these writings, and some engaged discussions with Lama Shenpen and the students who attended the program

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