Proving Appearances Are Divine

September 3, 2023

Mipham tells us that his explanation of the view of secret mantra derives from Rongzom’s and Longchenpa’s lengthy commentaries on Guhyagarbha tantra, which are classified as the ‘profound system’ of instruction, alongside the vast tradition from Zurchen.

This view is introduced in Rongzom’s short, but highly influential 11th century text, the Great Proof that All Appearances are Divine. It is the union of Mahā Yoga and Mahā Ati.

In response to requests from many of us, Tulku has agreed to teach this text from his own, all-new translation. It is suitable both as an introduction to Mipham’s treatise, and as a summary review for those who have already studied it. There are no prerequisites other than sincere interest.

Many of us have heard repeatedly that the practice of tantra requires pure perception, or perception of purity. It is vitally important to know what that actually means, in order to practice correctly. And what is the relation between purity and divinity? Are they one and the same ? These are some of the crucial points addressed in this text.

The session will begin with a reading transmission of the Tibetan original, and then the new English (unpublished draft) translation will be used for the teaching, and shared with all participants. Tulku studied this text with Khenpo Sherab Dorje of Namdroling, among others.

For more information to access the course please write to [email protected]

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