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Heart Advice: A Garland of White Lotuses


By Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

To those who rely upon you with confident faith,

even if they are lazy and beset by distractions and diversions,

you bestow the blessings of intellect and eloquence.

Supreme deity Manjugosha, always look out for me!

You who appreciate the qualities of dharma,

who have faith and pure perception,

like-minded friend dedicated to the chaste practice of dharma,

would you care to listen to me for a little while?

Dagpo Kagyu Lineage Prayer (Dorje Chang Tungma)

Dorje ChangGreat Vajradhara, Tilopa, Naropa,

Marpa, Milarepa, Lord of Dharma Gampopa,

Karmapa who knows all things past, present and future,

Holders of the four greater and eight lesser lineages,

including the Drikung, Taklung, Tsalpa, and glorious Drukpa,

2013 Golog Trip Report

thumb Stupa SmallOn July 1st 2013, eight of us, including Tulku Sherab Dorje, began our journey half way around the world to Thubten Chokorling Monastery ("Sanctuary of the Dharma Wheel of the Muni's Teachings"). Fifteen hours of flight time and nine hours of driving later (three days in real time, including a visit to Kumbum Monastery outside Xining), following countless herds of yak and sheep, crossing over many pot holes and under many streams of prayer flags on the high mountain passes, we arrived at our destination.

Abstaining From Eating Meat: A Question

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There has been much discussion within our sangha recently about abstaining from eating meat, and how this practice of abstinence applies (or not) in the context of tsog (feast; ganachakra) practice.  Everyone's contribution to this discussion has been completely heartfelt and meaningful.

A Meaty Question (Part 2)

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Continuing an article by Tulku Sherdor about vegetarianism, non-violence and feast practice

At a recent retreat at Garrison Institute, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche related an anecdote he heard from Lama Chokyi Nyima (Richard Barron). Once Lama Chokyi was privileged to share a meal in Sonada Monastery with the two venerable masters, Chadral Rinpoche and Kalu Rinpoche. The two were very close friends, and always demonstrated enor mous respect and genuine affection for each other. As lunch was served, the former, a householder, enjoyed his pure vegetarian meal, while the latter, a strict monk relished his helping of dried meat. They even helped serve each other. Neither appeared to entertain the slightest thought that the conduct of the other was in any way impure.