Learning By Reading

Suggested readings and other written documents

The Aspiration for Excellent Conduct” from the monlam book

Prayer for the Swift Rebirth of Lamasang

Words of Aspiration to the Beating of My Heart:

Yearning for the Swift Return of A Reincarnation

thumb photoOm svasti! I respectfully greet the Guru of non-dual primal wisdom who arises in a Vajra Kaya immune to birth and death, the innate form of the immutable, vital essence of luminosity that is fully immersed in the expanse of the mudra of great joy.

Glorious Vajra, miracle of Great Oddiyana, spontaneous presence of the three Kayas, powerful and mighty Vajra Majesty, Vidyadhara of Jambudvipa, Treasure Lord of Siddhas, remember me with steadfast and heartfelt love until enlightenment.

Letter from Hungkar Rinpoche about his father's passing

thumb hungkardorje

A Message to My Beloved Friends:

One thing we should understand in terms of the view of interdependence is that each and every phenomenon has its own source and reason for being. And so there is a reason why we have come to know one another so well and become such good friends. The reason for this is the presence of conducive conditions and the existence of outstanding aspirations; we can be quite sure about that. Because of our connection that springs from conducive conditions and fine aspirations, whenever any one of us goes through difficult times, the rest of us step forward and try to help out as much as we can.

What is deity meditation in Tibetan Buddhism?

thumb gmanjushriby Lama Sherab Dorje, at the 1st Buddhism in America Conference 1997

(A participant asked Lama Sherab Dorje what he thought the average person in America would find appealing about "trying to visualize themselves as some guy wearing strange clothes and a funny hat?")