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Flowers and Bones

thumb flowers and bones(From the Chapter: Me and The Mahasiddha)
Pages 214-216, A Path Strewn With Flowers & Bones

It is impossible, however, to sustain such skepticism around Kusum Lingpa. It is not my wish to try to convince you that, on so many occasions as to make it appear commonplace, he has demonstrated the ability to see how world and personal events will unfold in advance, to extract information directly from people’s minds, to intuit directly the histories of places he visits, or to communicate with the consciousnesses of recently deceased persons, among other, seemingly impossible feats. Even if I could convince you, I would have succeeded only in misdirecting you from what is most remarkable about Kusum Lingpa, which, for lack of a better term, I will call his state of being....

Are gestures of respect more than cultural?

articles chenrezig 320x210.56Being respectful is actually an essential practice, a precursor to the development of clear faith, and not just a praiseworthy quality or hollow ritual.

Medicine Buddha Instructions

thumb medicinebuddhaThese detailed notes were taken during a seminar on the Medicine Buddha practice taught by Lama Sherab Dorje (Tulku Sherdor) to students in Ottawa, Canada in 1993.  They cover every aspect of the sadhana arranged by the master Karma Chagmed from the Sky Treasures of Yonge Mingyur Dorje, including visualizations, symbolism, the mandala of the palace and deities, and so forth.  To be used in conjunction with other teachings and transmissions on this sadhana, which is commonly practiced by both Kagyus and Nyingmas.

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Introduction to the Second Edition of the Book of Common Prayer

thumb b common prayer

My introduction to the first edition of this book, published in 2007, began with a caution against denigrating liturgical literature in the Buddhist tradition. I explained that every major Tibetan lineage of Buddhism treats study, reflection, and meditation as a seamless continuum of spiritual training, in which prayer recitation plays an integral role.

Why pray for peace?

thumb prayerflagsA reflection by Tulku Sherdor

"If there were something we could do to show our gratitude for the great service offered to us, from time immemorial to the present, by horses, cattle and sheep, whose brute labor we have used and whom we have butchered; to cause tranquility and happiness to prevail in our land and region, and the people in it to enjoy harmonious relations; and, above all, to bring about the restoration and further development of peaceful relations among the various monasteries, dharma traditions and religious systems, wouldn't that also help to increase affection and friendship among people?