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A Supplication and Aspirational Training in The Pure Realms of The Three Kayas

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A Brief Biography of His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa

KW a 22 HHKL outside LTranslated from the Tibetan by Chökyi Nyima (Richard Barron)

Your vajra form is the intensely radiant form of the Vajra of Great Ferocity [Vajrapani].
Holder of vajra secrets, your vajra laughter resounds afar.
Imbued with the indestructible state of vajra mind, you are a vajra cloud
reigning as the crown jewel of the immutable timeless awareness of all victorious ones.

Comprehensive Vajrasattva Teachings

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These teachings are a compilation of several series of lectures that Tulku Sherdor presented in 2012 in Portugal and Kingston, NY, as well as a talk given at the Dzogchen Foundation retreat at Garrison Institute in July 2011.   Together they present valuable and complete instruction on Vajrasattva practice, covering the nature and purpose of Vajrasattva meditation from the perspectives of all the levels of Tantra.

Heart Jewel: Heart Advice of Tulku Sanjay Tsering

The teachings of Tulku Sanjay Tsering, the body, speech and mind emanation of the esteemed 20th century Dzogchen Master Khenpo Ngaga

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