This was the question underlying His Holiness' presentations on April 8 and 9, 2006.  Since all beings, without exception, desire happiness and seek to avoid suffering, what does it take for us to contribute to the fulfillment of those fundamental aims? 

His Holiness' thesis, born from deep experience, is that choosing the well-being of others over a tight sense of needing to protect our own welfare always creates a win-win situation.  Moreover, when one gains confidence in the view and in the reality of interdependence, one becomes able joyfully to engage in acts of generosity and kindness that previously might have been unthinkable.  This dedication is the fuel that drives us beyond the realm of unconscious and habitual conduct that recreates suffering and towards genuine spiritual realization.

We are grateful to all those who attended this program, traveling from near and far, particularly given our unfinished state.  It was most delightful to see many people make a strong connection to His Holiness' overflowing kindness and ribald humor for the first time.

Here are just several pictures from the program: