Ven. Hung Kar Rinpoche and Tulku Sherdor in Mexico and California

In December 2006, on the invitation of Ms. Bich Quyen Nguyen, Rinpoche and Tulku Sherdor visited Mexico City for a program at the Casa Lamm cultural center. They also visited Casa Tibet, the "Tibet House" of Mexico, where Director Tony Karam invited Rinpoche to return in June 2007 to teach. They then journeyed on for programs in Orange County, San Diego, Bodega, and San Jose -- a hectic and rewarding three weeks. 

Pilgrimage and Teaching in Singapore, Thailand, Nepal

We were able to meet with Ven. Khenpo Sonam Topgyal and his kind sponsors, Vivian and Chen Chai, in Bangkok, in time to participate in a special offering ceremony at one of the temples founded by a disciple of Khenpo's great uncle, Nora Rinpoche, who was a famous Lama throughout the Chinese speaking world in the 1920 and 1930s.

In Nepal, our intrepid group spent three days participating in the annual "Ngak So" (restoration of sacredness) ritual at Nagi Gompa, the former seat of Tulku Urgyen, way up the northern slopes of the Kathmandu Valley inside the Shivapuri Nature Preserve.  We visited many other sacred sites and dharma teachers and friends, old and new

By invitation from Director Justin Lim and longtime student Lester Kwong, Tulku Sherdor taught a weekend program at the new Nyingma meditation center in Singapore. The subject was Mipham's method for meditating upon Shakyamuni Buddha. People seemed quite pleased to be able to receive dharma teachings in English.