In July 2006, Hung Kar Dorje Rinpoche and Lama Sherab Dorje led an invitation-only, week-long retreat at Orgyen Dradul Ling in Coos Bay, Oregon dealing with preparing for the eventuality of death through meditation.

Journeying on to Seattle, they offered a weekend program for newer students on the integral nature of the various levels of the Buddhist teachings.

From August 2 to August 25, by invitation from Shenpen Tenpa'i Nyima Dharma Center and its spiritual director Shenpen Tulku Rinpoche, Lama Sherab Dorje visited Singapore.

The programs included five evenings of teachings on the Jewel Ornament of Liberation, the seminal text by Gampopa, conducted at the Vajra Buddha center in Geylang; three evenings of teachings on meditation practice and theory at the Vajra Buddha center and one evening at the Tenpa'i Nyima center; eight hours of video recording of teachings on the preliminary practices, for eventual broadcast on Taiwanese television, in cooperation with the Society for Life of Singapore; five hours of audio recorded teachings on a meditation instruction manual by Karma Chagme, the 14th century master; a lecture for the Buddhist students association of Singapore Polytechnic Institute; an animal "life ransom" practice in the ocean off the coast of Malaysia; a visit with a Director of the Youth Ministry of Singapore's largest Buddhist temple, Bright Hills Monastery; and other informal meetings and outings with students, including visits to many among the temples and landmarks of Singapore.

This very successful trip should pave the way to regular program offerings in Singapore, including in conjunction with the enormously kind and altruistic members of the Tenpa'i Nyima and other centers.  Thanks to all!

Some event photos