The below letter was presented to me (Tulku Sherdor) by Lama Chimay, the lifelong attendant of Tulku Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche.  Lama Chimay explained to me that Ms. Gurung, the author, is a Nepali Buddhist under great pressure to send her daughter to Christian missionary schools for her education, but who stubbornly insists on providing the child with a Buddhist education, according to her heritage.  

Unfortunately, the Tibetan social welfare office will not help her because she is not a Tibetan refugee.  Nor do the monastery or Lama Chimay personally have the resources to sponsor her education.  I am also told that the family suffered greatly at the hands of Maoist insurgents since settling in Kathmandu.

They are appealing for help in raising $100 per month for the child's education at a local boarding school, where she will receive safe housing and healthful food as well.  I agreed to share this request with our community at large.  Please let me know if you would like to help send this child to school. It would be best if one or several sponsors could cover a year’s tuition.  More information about the school itself will be forthcoming.

My name is Pranisha Gurung. I am now 24 years old living in Baneshwor, Kathmandu with my elder sister’s family in a small rented room. I came to the capital city of Kathmandu in 2011 with my husband Bibek Rai and our one year old daughter Biprasha. We both came from a poor family background. Back in Morang of eastern Nepal we were having difficult times to get good jobs, enough to support our family.

Since I was forced by family circumstances to leave public school after 6th grade, I could not get a good job. So I took any job that would suit my qualification. I made my early earnings making paper incense, some handloom, making garlands and jewelry out of colorful beads, and later I needed a more permanent job so I had to leave other odd jobs to work as a house maid in several households in Baneshwor. As a housemaid, I am now doing small works of household like washing, cooking, cleaning etc.

My husband, being poor and uneducated, worked under a company that supplied goods to different places. His income was barely enough for our little family. Though ours was a love marriage, I was unaware about my hunband’s addiction of taking drugs.

A few months after we had shifted to Kathmandu, I noticed his irresponsible behavior towards me and our daughter. His income was being wasted on drugs. He would not listen to me; neither would he think seriously about the future of our daughter. He would not come home regularly and even if he came, he would be gone after a while with our little savings for his expensive drugs.

All my good days were now waning away into darkness and I would silently start regretting myself for getting married so early. My daughter’s innocent eyes would make me feel more sad and miserable but she was the only one for whom I had to have a cheerful face, otherwise she would ask me too many questions and while answering them to pacify her genuine curiosity regarding her father and mother, I would have broken into showers of tears.

Bibek was out of contact for few days in 2014 when that cruel news of his death in a motorbike accident with his friend came to my ears from eastern Nepal. Now all my good days had come to the end.

Little Biprasha is such an angel. She is a good girl and understands me so much, and instead she consoles me with her cheerful talks about her school, her good friends and loving teachers. I feel very happy listening to her. That makes me hopeful. Since now I could not alone bear for her education, my sister and her good husband showed their gracefulness to support for her school.

She is now studying in Upper Kindergarten in Babylon school. Her teachers encouragingly say that she is a bright girl, attentive, careful, sociable and smart in everything she does. And I had got a reason in her to forget my painful past to hope and strive for better future for me and my dear daughter Biprasha.

Recently, my elder sister Alisha Gurung is expecting her first child and her husband Sanjeeb Gurung who is working abroad as a laborer, is now worried about not being able to continue his support for my daughter’s education.

Since I am uneducated and have now understood the prime value of education for sufficient and decent living, it is my heart’s wish that my dear daughter could get good education. My parents, back in Diktel district, are small farmers, hardly supporting themselves. So it is impossible for them to support me even if they wish to.

There is no way for me but to look with hopeful eyes for any support for my daugher’s education. So I would be very grateful if you expressed your kindness in any manner to support for my daughter’s education. Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Pranisha Gurung
Contact no: 977-9808168848