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Teachings by Early Dzogchen Masters on the tantra,
Professing The Qualities of Manjusri

Translated and introduced by Tulku Sherdor
Foreword by Venerable Khenpo Sonam Topgyal

The very first entry in the tantra section of the Buddhist canon translated into Tibetan, right before the Kalachakra root tantra, is the Jampal Tsenjod ('jam dpal ye shes sems dpa'i don dam pa'i mtshan yang dag par brjod pa) — Professing the Qualities of Manjusri.


The Indian Buddhist masters who first brought their tantric tradition to Tibet treated this text as fundamental to the view and practice of both maha yoga and ati yoga (or dzogchen), the non-dual dharma.

Presented here, alongside a new translation of the root text that seeks to convey its poetic brilliance as a classical masterpiece of world literature, are three original commentaries, two by Indian masters (Vimalamitra and Garab Dorje) and one by the renowned eleventh century Tibetan master Rongzom Mahapandita, which together provide a complete view of the critical meaning and importance of this text within the Nyingma tradition, and for the Vajrayana Buddhist teachings in general.

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