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New and Expanded Second Edition

Perfect Bound for easy reference or Ring Bound for daily use

Every year, Buddhist "great prayer festivals" are held in Bodh Gaya, in Tibet, and in other sacred spots around the world. A Book of Common Tibetan Buddhist Prayers is a compilation of English-language translations of the very highest quality of important aspiration prayers and sutras commonly recited during these festivals, and in daily practice in hundreds of monasteries and dharma centers throughout the world.

Also included are classical and modern praises to Buddha Shakyamuni and to Manjusri, special aspirations for each major dharma tradition of Tibet, a general aspiration by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, and a lovely new long life prayer for His Holiness.  All translations are accompanied by easy-to-use phonetic versions of the Tibetan texts.

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The new and expanded second edition includes:

Index of Recitations:

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