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Thank you for visiting the Blazing Wisdom website!  Here are a few things to know to get the most out of what is available here.  You are welcome to browse, there is a lot of open content to explore through the menus you will find at the top of this page and throughout the site.

You are also welcome to register as a user of the site.  That will enable you to see a great deal of additional content, suitable for those who are already studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism.  There are many more audio recordings available to order, as well as teaching transcripts, articles, practice texts and other materials to request by email.

Please contact us by email (see contact us menu at top of page) to continue the registration process.  In your email please be sure to state: (1) whether you have taken refuge; (2) who is your primary dharma teacher; (3) have you practiced ngon dro, and if so describe your lineage and practice: (4) have you taken mahayoga, annutara or comparable tantric empowerments; and (5) have you received nature of mind instructions?

By reply email, we will send you a personalized username and password you can use in the box found on the right side on the homepage to gain access.  Your personalized registration will also be used in connection with the permission messages you will find on the website, as you will discover when you browse.

Restricted content: please email us to request this content.  Please also note that for audio recordings a donation is also recommended to cover our production and mailing costs and to convey gratitude for this precious gift of dharma.  We will advise you by reply email whether you have access to this content, and to suggest a donation level, which can be made using paypal on this website.  Other content to which you have access we can send by email; you may also, of course, wish to make a donation by paypal for that content.  Thank you!

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